What is physical therapy and how can it help you

Physical Therapy (also known as physiotherapy) is the treatment where different physical methods such as heat treatment, massage, and exercises are used to treat an injury, disease or deformity rather than by drugs or surgery. The drugs and surgeries can make you suffer different kinds of health problems.

People of all ages from all walks of life can take benefit of this amazing treatment if they’re suffering from illnesses, medical conditions or injuries. The individuals can get back to their healthy and active life with the help of customized physical therapy.

Physical therapy is considered to be a conservative way of managing problems, therefore, primary care doctors suggest this treatment to their patients at the first sign of a problem. Are you willing to learn more about the amazing benefits of Physical therapy? Let’s take a look at how this valuable treatment can help you out.

Reduce or eliminate pain

Treatments like electrical stimulation, taping, or ultrasound and manual therapy techniques like soft and joint tissue mobilization or therapeutic exercises can be extremely helpful in relieving pain. These treatments can also reduce the pain by restoring your muscle and joint function. And the best thing about these therapies is that they can prevent the pain from returning.

Improving mobility

Physical therapy can help you in case you’re facing problem while standing, moving or walking. Your ability to move is gradually restored with the help of strengthening and stretching exercises. Physical therapy ensures maximal performance and safety to the individuals by prescribing a customized plan for them according to their health condition.

Avoid Surgery

Surgery may not be needed in case you get your injury healed with the help of physical therapy. And pre-surgery physical therapy can still help you even if surgery is essential for your injury. You’ll definitely recover faster from a surgery if you are going in a better and stronger shape for the surgery. Another benefit of avoiding surgery is that it helps reduce the cost of health care costs.

Losing some of the movement or function after the stroke is usually common. Physical therapy can improve gait and balance by strengthening the weakened parts of your body. Physical therapy provides the stroke patients the ability to move around in the home.

Improve your balance and prevent falls

You will get screened for fall risk when you start the physical therapy. Therapists will suggest you some particular exercises if you’re at a high risk for falls. These exercises will help you improve your balance. The therapists also help you with the assistive devices to help with safer walking.

Manage age-related problems

Aged people usually develop osteoporosis or arthritis and in some cases, they are in need of a joint replacement. Physiotherapists help patients manage osteoporotic or arthritic conditions and recover from the joint replacement conservatively.

Recovery from sports injury

Physiotherapists are completely aware of nature different sports that how can they increase the risk of different types of injuries. Therefore, they can help you safely return to your sport by prescribing the accurate recovery or prevention exercise programs for you.

Feel free to ask your health care provider for all kinds of information if you have any questions regarding physical therapy.

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