How to treat minor aches and pains

You don’t need to visit a doctor or pharmacy for minor aches and pains because they are a part of our life. Less serious conditions like minor aches and pains can be cured with simple home remedies. There are many experts who use simple home remedies to get rid of minor aches and pains. The tips we’re going to share here will help you relieve and restore your pains just like experts.

Sore muscles and joints

Sore muscles can be recovered with a bottle of tart cherry juice. The initial damage, that is caused to the body after the workout, can be repaired with the help of tart cherries. Tart cherries are more efficient in repairing damages as compared to sweet cherries and many other fruits and vegetables.

You can easily buy the tart cherry juice in health food stores or natural food supermarkets. Ice is another powerful object that can help you relieve the pain of muscle soreness. You can quickly and easily apply the ice to the affected part of the body. Avoid applying the ice for more than 5 minutes because the longer application can cause frostbite.

The best way to cure the sore muscle is to keep it active because the proper flow of the blood will help heal those muscles by reducing the inflammation. Avoid the harder exercise for a few days unless the pain is relieved. Once the problem is resolved, you can move back to the harder routine gradually.


Back pain is a very common problem that many people are suffering from these days. Your driving posture is one of the main reasons for back pain. You must make sure that you sit at a 90-degree level so you don’t have to stretch.

The extension of legs during driving is another major reason that puts your back in a compromised position. Unsupportive footwear can also cause back pain. Switching to the running sneakers is the perfect way to reduce the pain in this case.


Acupressure foot rub is the best way to treat the headaches. There are several points all over the body that are used to treat headaches but massaging the sole of the foot will help produce excellent results.

Footbaths are also very helpful in curing the headache. Consider mixing a few teaspoons of mustard powder in the hot water you’re going to use for the footbath. It will help relieve the pain significantly.

Skin Irritations, blemishes and boo-boos

There are different things that can cause itchy rashes, such as perfumes, plant oils or prickly heat. Different studies have shown that the pain from burns and rashes can be relieved with the help of mineral-rich spring water. It’s trace minerals work as anti-inflammatories for irritated skin. “Often times we prescribe our patients anti-oxidants and mineral rich supplements to relieve blemishes. Often times we see that this alone can help as a cure” – Central Park ENT, Dallas TX. Mineral-rich spring water can also be used to treat redness and itching following laser skin resurfacing.

Aspirin paste can be used to reduce itching and swelling in case you’re attacked by mosquitoes. Use an ounce of water to dissolve crushed low-dose of aspirin. It contains salicylic acid which is used to reduce redness from pimples, stings or bites and ingrown hairs.

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