Dieters do not consume anything that has fat, but there is a big difference between healthy fat and trans fats or hydrogenated fats. Healthy fats are vital for the brain and good health, but hydrogenated fats can give you many health problems and can also shorten your life.

That is why from now on if you want to have a longer life and also have better health, you should think carefully about what you have in front of you to eat and if it is worth consuming that food or another healthier one.

You need fiber in your diet, no excuses!

Fiber is necessary for all people, and I even dare to say that 25 grams are too short a day. If you add about 50 or 60 grams of fiber to your daily diet, you will be lengthening your life considerably and improving your health by leaps and bounds.

Fiber helps you control blood sugar, improve the health of your heart, reduce the risk of strokes, prevent irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids. But if that were not enough, it will also help you to reduce the risk of gallstones, kidney stones and also help you to have a better appearance. Look for foods in fiber and do not hesitate to eat them every day in your diet.

Say goodbye forever to junk food

You may love it and even be hooked on junk food, but it is not a good option for your health at all, much less if you want to live longer. For this reason, it is better to think about what you need and sacrifice your desires regarding food to live longer.

Junk food will slow down your metabolism, make you fat, have unbalanced sugar, increase your chances of heart disease. If your diet plan is mainly made up of processed foods, something goes wrong with your diet. That is why the time has come for you to clean your food pantry that is not healthy for you and accepts that there is an excellent variety of foods that will not put your health at risk, and they are delicious!